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Meet Diane Piela

Diane Piela is an emerging speaker, author and retired medical doctor.  She recently earned her Distinguished Toastmaster from Toastmaster’s International and is a Qualified Speaker. She is a native of Rochester, New York and  practiced  there as a Family Medicine Doctor for 18 years. Even though she no longer works in Medicine, she remains licensed in New York, California and Hawaii. It was during her first visit in 1984 that she became mesmerized by Hawaii, its culture and its people. It was many trips later that she began to dream a bigger dream, to one day live in Hawaii.

The Journey Of A Lifetime…..Moving To Hawaii was written with much Aloha after her long awaited move to Hawaii.

Imagine living in paradise.  If you’ve ever thought about moving to Hawaii, this book is exactly what you need. The author dreamed of someday moving  to Hawaii and after many years finally did it! 

Inside the pages of this informative book, you’ll find the author’s story of how she relocated to The Big Island.  She shares what’s involved in moving from the Mainland to Hawaii.  It’s loaded with crucial information on choosing where to live, how to prepare selecting the right moving and shipping companies.

Finally, the author provides insight about personal belongings, regulatory requirements for relocating pets, obtaining a driver’s license, auto registration, safety inspections and much more! Everything that you need to know and have before moving to Hawaii. 

You can view Diane's presentation on Kona Stories YouTube channel:   Diane Piela

This book is available at Kona Stories for $8.95

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Sunday, April 12, 2020 - 10:00am
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