Kona Stories is an independent bookstore located on Hawaii Island 

Serving the Hawaiian Islands since 2006

Located in the Historical Keauhou Shopping Center

Established in 2006 by Brenda McConnell and Joy Vogelgesang, Kona Stories features all genres of books.  Find the latest hard cover, best seller or an old classic, this bookstore is fully stocked with 10,000 titles.  They specialize in Hawaiiana, children's books, whimsical gifts and greeting cards.  Kona Stories offers a unique consignment program for local, self-published writers who need an opportunity to market their work. Kona Stories is also an elite dealer for Woodstock Chimes.

Author of the Week: R.J. Pierson

R.J. Pierson was born and raised near Detroit, Michigan—a city she is very proud to be from and still find copious beauty and honor in. Her childhood was filled with lots of quiet imagination and daydreams. This was where she first began storytelling—inside her own head for hours and hours. Now Pierson lives on the island of Hawai’i, where she is pursuing dual careers in museum work and writing. She takes care of many rescue animals (currently 8 cats and 3 dogs, though there always seems to be room for one more hard luck case). Pierson’s husband is an artist who designed the books cover.  In writing, Pierson hopes to effectively share the stories that have been playing out in her head for years. She also enjoys reading, solving puzzles, making piñatas, traveling, creating collages, and getting into fandoms.


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