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Author of the Week is Carol Alena Aronoff

Carol Alena Aronoff has a new book just to help you get started with meditation.

The Gift of Not Finding is Carol Alena Aronoff's seventh full-length collection of poetry, and it could very well be her most timely given the star-crossed state of the world in 2020. It was the great Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote that "all the argument and all the wisdom is not in the encyclopedia, or the treatise on metaphysics, or the Body of Divinity, but in the sonnet or the play". Had Aronoff been alive and writing her poems when Emerson wrote that, he doubtless would have been thinking of her as a primary example of his meaning. As a poet, spiritual teacher, advocate for women, native people and the environment, Aronoff compassionately shares the deepest insight and wisdom that comforts and inspires growth and positive change. A poetry and spiritual mystic, Aronoff also listens well to silence, shadow, wind, running water, bird song, the hiss and crackle of fire and the guttural cough from an invisible forest source. She also hears the deepest secrets and truths of the human heart and grounds the process of seeking in meditative balance. Few poets take us to these places, but they are the best we have. Carol Alena Aronoff is among them.

Listen to Carol read from her book here

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Published: Homestead Lighthouse Press - August 3rd, 2020