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Atomic Baby Bible: My Six Decades of Different

Atomic Baby Bible: My Six Decades of Different

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Publication Date: May 23rd, 2022
Atomic Acetone
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A Memoir Celebrating the Universality and Uniqueness of the Human Experience

One of John Redden's earliest memories is hiding under a desk to protect himself from a nuclear attack. So begins this unforgettable memoir.
Atomic Baby Bible invites readers along Redden's journey through five countries and six decades of "different." Redden holds a magnifying glass to the many moments that have shaped his life, including a broken childhood, a harrowing depression and an eventual career as a computer pioneer. Against the backdrop of the defining fifties, sixties and seventies, this memoir traces the transformation of a man-and a country-as each finds its footing amidst the aftermath of incredible change. It is a testament to self-discovery, loss and, ultimately, deliverance.
At once entertaining, touching and scathing, Atomic Baby Bible is a raucous journey through one of the richest periods of American social history, and the vivid life of one man.