Store History

Store History

Brenda and Joy met in a Book Club in Roseville CA. The book they discussed at the first meeting they both attended was "House of Sand and Fog". Joy loved it; Brenda hated it. Over the next few years, they discussed many books and even started their own book club which met at the local wine bar where the genesis of their own bookstore began. (We're sure the wine helped the visioning process).

Brenda moved to Hawaii and after a year of exploring various job and business options, decided she would take the plunge and open that bookstore she had dreamed of. One day she e-mailed Joy in California and said, "how'd you like to move to Hawaii and open a bookstore?" Joy said, "Sure would!" And they were off and running.

Major renovations began to the former Subway space at Mango Court in July. We added a Lanai: books and bookcases came from the mainland October 31, 2006. We began selling books Thanksgiving week 2006. Since opening, we have expanded book sections based on local interest and customer demand. We began a local author promotion program and have gradually added quality gift products to our store. Kona Stories is now a full-service bookstore with books and gifts for all the family.

In 2010 Brenda and Joy started looking for a new location for Kona Stories.  "We just don't have the foot traffic in this space" Joy said about Mango Ct.  Keauhou Shopping Center was always a location which they had envied but the rent/cam fees were just too high.  However along with the disadvantages of a recession comes an opportunity.  By Halloween of 2010 the new store opened for business.  "We just love our new space" says Brenda, "everyday people come in and tell us how much they love the convenience of the shopping center and the extra parking".  Along with the bookstore came two store cats, Shadow and Noble.  They live inside now but get a lot more attention.

New Shop at Keauhou Shopping Center - Open Halloween 2010