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Words and Wine Author Event

Each month Kona Stories hosts an event with local and traveling authors. This event happens the First Tuesday evening of the month starting at 6 PM. Authors are available to talk story while you are getting your plate of appetizers and glass of complimentary wine. Authors then give a 15-minute talk about their book and themselves, the writing and publishing process or a short reading from the book. After all the authors presentations there is a time for individual questions and book signings.


Gisela Heydenreich: My Search for Home

This book tells the astonishing life story of truth-seeking teacher & spiritual healer Gisela Maxima Heydenreich who was born in East Germany at the unforgettable height of World War II.

Throughout her life, Gisela has had many incredible adventures and made many unforgettable memories. The first seventeen years of her life she spent in East Germany during a period of socialist control which she escaped to West Germany with her parents, starting over with practically nothing. She studied to become a chemical engineer and later went on to be a high school physics & chemistry teacher with a great quest for scientific discoveries.

She experienced a soul exchange in her body after having brain surgery, which has led her to change her perspective on life and pursue a life of healing & spiritual studies. She has finally found her home in the beautiful state of Hawaii where she was led to be a part of a spiritual retreat center, many years ago, with Dr. Ralph Jordan, the founder of the Ecumenical Church of Light.




Angela Leslee:  Lucky to Live Hawaii

In 1994, with mid-life barking at her heels, Angela moved from Upstate N.Y. to Kona. The drive to move was based largely on intuition and a strong inner urge. The problem with spiritually driven motives, is that they often defy logic and require a lot of trust.

With no job, very little money and an unhappy eight-year-old daughter, Angela set off on her grand adventure. Her trust was rewarded beyond her wildest dreams. She found her life purpose while attending massage school in Kona. Then went on to found the Aloha Massage Academy in Kainaliu in 2006. She is now semi-retired and spends most of her time writing, hiking, swimming and living off the grid.

Lucky to Live Hawaii tells Angela’s story about being a 40-year-old single mother disillusioned with her life on a quest for something more moving to the Big Island of Hawai’i in 1994. As she scrambles to find her footing, she begins the process of reinventing herself. Along the way she encounters extraordinary people, explores remote places and swims with large sea mammals. And most importantly, she finds a life purpose she had nearly given up looking for. The adventures are epic and otherworldly in this exotic new land, rich with culture and history, even though the learning curve is steep. 


John Redden: Atomic Baby Bible:  A Memoir Celebrating the Universality and Uniqueness of the Human Experience

One of John Redden's earliest memories is hiding under a desk to protect himself from a nuclear attack. So begins this unforgettable memoir.
Atomic Baby Bible invites readers along Redden's journey through five countries and six decades of "different." Redden holds a magnifying glass to the many moments that have shaped his life, including a broken childhood, a harrowing depression and an eventual career as a computer pioneer. Against the backdrop of the defining fifties, sixties and seventies, this memoir traces the transformation of a man-and a country-as each finds its footing amidst the aftermath of incredible change. It is a testament to self-discovery, loss and, ultimately, deliverance.
At once entertaining, touching and scathing, Atomic Baby Bible is a raucous journey through one of the richest periods of American social history, and the vivid life of one man.





Date: 02/07/2023
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

78-6831 Alii Drive
Suite 142
Kailua Kona, HI 96740
United States