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Words and Wine

Words and Wine Author Event

Each month Kona Stories hosts an event with local and traveling authors. This event happens the First Tuesday evening of the month starting at 6 PM. Authors are available to talk story while you are getting your plate of appetizers and glass of complimentary wine. Authors then give a 15-minute talk about their book and themselves, the writing and publishing process or a short reading from the book. After all the authors presentations there is a time for individual questions and book signings.

July Authors:

Nancee Cline and Charlotte Joy Cline

Nancee Annette Pace Cline has a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities from CSU Dominguez Hills, and certificates from St Nicholas Montessori Teacher Training Center, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, and University of the South School of Theology. Nancee has taught in every age group, starting in Montessori preschool, and ending with 13 years at West Hawaii Community College.She is the author of Queen Emma’s Church in Kealakekua, Cry, the Beloved Children, and a poetry book, Saying Goodbye to the House on Longfellow. Nancee is the mother of twin sons and grandmother of Charlotte and Aspen.  She lives with her musician / surfer husband in Kona, Hawaii.  


Bright Morning Stars, Celebrating creation through the eyes of science and faith

This children’s book acknowledges both the beauty of the Genesis Creation stories and the magnificent cosmology being revealed in our lifetime. Bright Morning Stars celebrates both in writing, art and song.



Michael Evrard

Michael Evrard was born in El Monte, California and was adopted with his twin brother Patrick soon after their birth by Jesse and Wilma Evrard. He was raised in Glendora, California, not far from Los Angeles. Today, Michael is a musician, artist and philosopher living in Hawai’i, whose spiritual journey began one fateful day in 1973.

The approach he takes with his research and writing is straightforward. He finds the connections between science, spirituality, religion, psychology, philosophy and faith, and provides subjective and empirical evidence to prove that feelings are the most effective form of communication in the Universe and the most effective language due to its ease of translation.

He is very passionate about his beliefs and views feelings as being the language of God. He completed the Sight/Sound/Spirit trilogy on 8/8/2021 and is offering Book I, Why Are We Here On Earth as an introduction to his life's work. He is honored to have the opportunity to share what he believes, and he loves speaking about any topics that pertain to consciousness. Being that all things in the universe are sentient, he enjoys talking about literally anything.



Dana St. Claire

Holy Wow! is an opportunity for you to look at the living of Life through different eyes. Offering a glimpse into the workings of the inner lives of human beings. The basic premise of Holy Wow!... We are Spirit living a human experience.

In the odd-numbered chapters, with humor and insight, Dana shares her own unique spiritual journey… gift-wrapped in her intriguing lifelong fascination with “the zaniness of being human.” While living the quirkiness of everyday Life… she found her way to the Life-transforming gifts of meditation and mindfulness. You’ll read about her ups and downs, doubts and anxieties, insights and realizations. Meditation shows up in her Life unexpectedly. (It was The Beatles.) Unexpected and most welcome. Dana immediately embraced meditation. “I like it!” She shares her thrill of experiencing meditation expanding… articulating... far beyond anything she could have first imagined.

Holy Wow! is her mindful and amusing take on this whole physical, emotional, mental megillah we humans find ourselves in on this Planet of Paradox. What are we doing here? Why does it feel like something's not right? Like something's missing? Is there any rhyme? Or a reason? And what's Love got to do with it?!

The even-numbered chapters of Holy Wow! take place in 'The Interpretorium'... where beings who are about to Incarnate Human On Planet Earth assemble for 'Orientation'. Engaging the Multi-Purpose Realizmotron Scenario Generator... as well as state-of-the-art 'Bio Energy Suit' simulators... and insights from the Advanced Realization Playbook... beings are familiarized with the mental, emotional and physical instruments and environments they will inhabit while human.

The Interpretorium Tour Guide offers insight into the Spectrum of Human Awareness…The 7 Kingdoms in Nature… your human Bio Energy Incarnate Navigation Gear (your B.E.I.N.G.)… as well as each human’s Absolutely Created Existence (A.C.E.)… making possible their A.C.E. in The Whole.

Why does Dana refer to her first 2 marriages as her “dress rehearsals?” What are “The 7 Kingdoms In Nature?”  What is the spectrum between “Yikes” and “Yay”? How about when you “choose to be amused?” 

Is Dana right when she says, “Meditation is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself”? (Yes.)

Insight abounds. And a few good laughs.

Written after a 40 year gestation period… Holy Wow! was a very long book. The original manuscript has been divided into 3 volumes.

                     Volume I ~ The Blessing Is Being Here

                     Volume II ~ Yikes! Yuck! Yum! Yay!

                     Volume III ~ The HazMat Variety Show

Soon to be The Holy Wow! Quartet. Volume IV ~ The Patience Olympics will be published later in 2022.







Date: 07/05/2022
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm

78-6831 Alii Drive
Keauhou Shopping Center
Kailua Kona, HI 96740
United States