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Julie Ziemelis' New Book is AVAILABLE NOW!

One Year, Two Kids and 800 Square Feet by Julie Ziemelis

One Year, Two Kids, 800 Square Feet is an adventure anthology of the struggles and triumphs of what happened when Julie and Eric Ziemelis moved their family from Silicon Valley into a one-bedroom, one-bathroom 800 square foot condo for a one-year renovation and family adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii. The family’s year of adventure and adversity was chronicled through Julie's "Talk Story" emails she sent out to friends and family while living in Kailua Kona, Hawaii from August 2005 through July of 2006.

 Julie takes you on a life-changing journey from California to Kailua-Kona, including current retrospective insights and wisdom after each chapter. From the exploits of working on a dolphin/whaleboat to taking a vacation condo down to the studs while caring for a one and three-year-old to exploring the island and trying to fit into island life, this  “travelogue/mommy blog of adventures in a new culture on a tropical land” is a snapshot of island life in 2005. 

Join Julie for a "Pop-Up" author signing on September 18th at Noon.  (Be sure to wear your mask and maintain 6 feet distance from other people.)

As the CEO of Ziemelis Communications in Kona, Hawaii, since 2010, Julie works with a variety of clients in the real estate field.  She created and moderates “365 Things to Do in Kona” and the “Kona Newbie” group on Facebook, Vlogs at 365Hawaii on YouTube and writes for her websites and, which is where she shared some of the tales in this book.  Julie also wrote, “How to Move to Kona” and the “Insiders Guide to Buying Real Estate on the Big Island of Hawaii”.


Community Favorite - How to Move to Kona by Julie Ziemelis

Are you a dreamer, a traveler, a lover of the Big Island or seriously considering a move to Kona, Hawaii? This book is for you!

The author created the travel blog,, and the lifestyle Facebook blog, “365 Things to Do in Kona,” and is an expert on all things Kona. How to Move to Kona is an insider's resource guide which includes invaluable information (including links and phone numbers) for every service you will need to make a move to the island, as well as contact information for moving pets, every school in West Hawaii, job opportunity suggestions and links, and personal recommendations for saving money and living life well on the Big Island. The author also includes her personal story, ideas, and links for finding ohana (family) and community in Kona, as well as cultural information and common Hawaiian words and phrases to help make travel and living on the island easier and more rewarding.

If you have ever considered making a move to the islands, this book offers a glimpse of what the perils and possibilities are and will save you from making costly mistakes on your way to paradise.  Books for sale at Kona Stories for $15.00


Click here to see the book introduction from the Author


From the Author: 

I currently live on the island of Hawaii, but grew up in another world in Silicon Valley where I spent most of my life until 2010. I grew up in San Jose, went to an all-girl Catholic high school, received my degree in public relations and marketing at San Jose State, and worked hard in communications, event planning, public relations, and public affairs since I graduated in 1988.

I spent most of my professional life tied to real estate. I have worked as the Communications Director for the Silicon Valley Association of Realtors, the Santa Clara County Assoc, the Santa Cruz County Assoc., and the San Mateo County Association of Realtors. I think I personally hold the sole distinction in the country as the only Communications Director to have worked in four different real estate Associations. During that time, I raised almost a million dollars for housing-related and local charities through the work I did in event planning and fundraising through the Association’s Housing Foundation’s. I also conceived and created free public Housing Fairs in each of the four counties I worked in, providing thousands of consumers with valuable information about the home buying, selling, and investing process. Giving back and making a difference is baked into my genes. It’s also a great strategy for getting media attention and bringing people together for business networking. That’s what I do. I create win-win situations for people to help others, while also helping themselves.

I left the buzzing lifestyle of Los Gatos and Silicon Valley in the summer of 2010 with my two children and husband to move to Kona, but for many years I stayed connected to the most amazing and intelligent minds in social media, real estate, and technology. I traveled extensively all over the country to learn about web marketing, social media, and productivity tools and have spoken at events to share my knowledge. I have designed and implemented numerous technology conferences in both Silicon Valley and Hawaii to help business owners learn and thrive. In the process, I have made connections that are invaluable.

Professionally, I easily blend my ability to connect people doing great things together, publicize events, share ideas, gather people together for causes, and share my adventures with people through writing and video. Through the work I do on my own with my 365 Things To Do In Kona Facebook page and, I help tell the stories of our community. This also allows me to hone what works to tell my client’s stories, too, through photos, video, and content marketing. (You can read my lifestyle blog posts on the LUVA Real Estate and Berkeley Hills Realty websites!)

I invite you to contact me today to assist you in marketing your business through a variety of channels, including a few of my own!  808-785-2898.

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Saturday, September 12, 2020 - 10:00am
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