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Haunted Books? Meet Zach!

Zach Royer is both an author and founder of Kahuna research Group. KRG was founded simply because there were no other organizations actively exploring the plethora of Hawaiian myths, ghost sightings/stories and urban legends. The group itself officially began on 11/11/11, but the legends and myths we explore go back thousands of years. The group quickly grew and our members furthered their education in the paranormal field by taking the Certified Paranormal Investigators course offered by the Institute of Metaphysics.


Hawaii Vortex Field Guide is your companion and introduction to the many energy vortexes that are on the Big Island. Each chapter includes vortex strength, type, accessibility, directions and more, giving you the chance to connect with these sites at your own pace. Hawai'i as a whole is known to be a spiritual power spot and so a vortex site here is a place where one can feel the spiritual healing energy, or mana, most strongly.

Vortexes exist where there are strong concentrations of gravitational and magnetic anomalies, in turn creating an environment that can defy gravity, bend light, promote healing, startle animals, twist plant life into spiral shapes and cause people to appear as though they've shrunk in size.

​Hawaii is home to some of the most powerful concentrations of earth energies on the planet and each island has a unique vibe and attractive force that calls to people. Many subtle energy researchers believe the Hawaiian Islands act as the heart chakra of the planet, a place of unconditional love & healing.

$16.95 - Paperback (In Store Only)

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Kona Haunted Hele Guidebook:

If you're interested in exploring Hawai'i Island's paranormal side let this book be your guide! This is the 2019 limited edition companion guidebook to the Big Island Ghost Tours® "Kona Haunted Hele" tour, available exclusively from Big Island Ghost Tours® and Kahuna Research Group Publishing.

​The Hawaiian Islands, and especially the Big Island, are well known worldwide for their supernatural phenomena. Home of Madame Pele, the "King's Trail", mystical "Menehunes" and the feared "Night Marchers", Hawai'i Island is not only the most historic of the Hawaiian Islands, it is also the most haunted.

From places where human sacrifice occurred, to the more modern haunts including resorts and museums, many of the places we visit on our tours are history by day and haunted by night!

$15.95 - Paperback (In Store Only)

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