Author of the Week: Tessa Van Wade

Saturday, July 24, 2021 - 10:00am

Tessa Van Wade’s love for writing began at nineteen years old when she decided to put the stories in her mind onto paper. Years later, as a young mother, she would sit on the floor typing while holding her laptop in the air so her children could play on her lap. When her manuscripts found their way into the hands of her friends, they urged her to keep writing. Nine books and twenty years later, she is finally sharing her work with a broader audience. Tessa and Ben, her husband of 20 years, own a boutique gym and pilates studio in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. They have two daughters who have grown up watching their mother work as a personal trainer by day and a novelist by night.

Out of the Shadows:

A seemingly ordinary existence is shattered when Willow is assaulted and left for dead near her San Francisco home. It is not a random attack, as she soon discovers. The stranger who rescues her tells her she’s part of a hidden race of people whose oppressive government is on the verge of a violent uprising.  Against her will, she is drawn into a maze of deception and conspiracy, which defies everything she has ever known. As she attempts to separate fact from fiction, she becomes too entrenched to retreat.  Her only hope is to discover the truth before it is too late.  In this first installment of The Velieri Uprising, newfound novelist Tessa Van Wade, creates a deeply layered world of unforgettable characters in a fast-paced struggle for survival.  $16.99

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