Author of the Week - Hydee Tehana

Saturday, October 2, 2021 - 10:00am

Hydee Tehana is a visionary, author, teacher, speaker, therapist, and retired fire captain. She was a Captain/Paramedic in the fire department for over twenty years where she learned about the fire elemental, interpersonal relationships, life and death situations, and so much more. Recently, she felt called by Spirit to share what she knows as we are in the chaotic process of shifting paradigms. Hydee loves helping people to live from their hearts by reuniting them with their joy and passions.

She has a deep connection with Mother Nature which has expanded her consciousness and inner knowing in the most magical ways through these forces of nature. Living in Hawaii, she often swims with dolphins and whales as they have so much to share. Hydee also has contact with our Galactic community of extraterrestrials and thrives on her deep connection with Spirit. She is working to help humans reconnect with our ET friends as they are waiting for us to join them. Hydee is very aware of what has been occurring on our planet Earth.

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Hydee tells her story of spiritual remembering and transformation in her book, Fire and Water: Awakening the Dragon Within, where she tells stories of being in the fire department and knows that something “bigger” is guiding and protecting her. She also has written 3 other books from her What If series called What If…Death is a Doorway?, What If…Belief Systems Are Just BS?, and What If…We Are Intergalactic Intelligence? These books are deeply transformational, expand your consciousness, and explore the fabric of our reality system.

Hydee inspires others and reminds you that you are never alone! Life is meant to be joyful and fun if we come from our hearts instead of our heads You can learn more at where she offers dolphin seminars, private sessions, mind-expanding classes, and more information about her books. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Brighteon, and Rumble.

What If…We Are Intergalactic Intelligence? is the 3rd book in my What If series where I look at our origins of humanity possibly coming from the stars. Civilizations throughout the world have been contacted by beings from outer space and it seems to be one of the secrets kept from Western civilization. What would it mean if we were not alone in the cosmos and that there are benevolent extraterrestrials helping us evolve? This is an important time in our evolution as we are being invited into our Galactic community if we choose to make the evolutionary leap in consciousness. This book goes into depth about many Galactic extraterrestrial civilizations as well as other topics like time, multidimensionality, plasma physics, spaceship technology, our multidimensional heart, sacred geometry, and expanding our consciousness.

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