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Girl with a Gun: An Annie Oakley Mystery (Paperback)

Girl with a Gun: An Annie Oakley Mystery Cover Image
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Fifteen-year-old Annie Oakley is the sole supporter of her widowed mother and two younger siblings. An expert markswoman and independent spirit, she hunts game to sell to the local mercantile to make ends meet instead of accepting a marriage proposal that could solve all her problems, including the impending foreclosure of her family's farm.

After a stunning performance in a shooting contest against famous sharpshooter Frank Butler, Annie is offered a position in the renowned Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Finally, she has a chance to save her family's farm--and make her dreams come true. But after her catapult to fame, a series of crimes takes place in the Wild West Show, including the death of Annie's Indian assistant. The coroner claims the death was due to natural causes, but Annie is unconvinced. Then her prized horse, Buck--a major part of her act--is stolen, and she realizes that someone is out to get her.

With the help of a sassy, blue-blooded reporter, Annie sets out to find her horse, solve the crimes, and clear her good name--before everything she's worked for is destroyed.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781947905061
ISBN-10: 1947905066
Publisher: Bosque Publishing
Publication Date: February 11th, 2020
Pages: 318
Language: English