Bones of Hilo: A Novel (Hardcover)

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Bones of Hilo: A Novel (Hardcover)


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From Hawaii's Big Island to the wilds of Washington's North Cascades, a novice detective uncovers a hoard of ancient secrets at the heart of a grisly murder

— From Author of the Week: Eric Redman

From Hawaii's Big Island to the wilds of Washington's North Cascades, a novice detective uncovers a hoard of ancient secrets at the heart of a grisly murder.

A young, inexperienced detective from the wet, working-class side of Hawaii's Big Island, Kawika Wong faces an uphill battle to gain the respect of his more seasoned colleagues. And he has the chance of a lifetime when Ralph Fortunato, the Mainland developer of an unpopular resort on the island's tourist side, is found murdered on a luxury golf course, an ancient Hawaiian spear driven through his heart.

With the other detectives desperately trying to solve another string of grisly killings, Captain Terry Tanaka has no choice but to send Kawika to investigate. As Kawika joins forces with his father and girlfriend to help read the signs and make sense of the ritualistic murder scene, they uncover a cache of secrets reaching far back to the Island's ancient past. And the journalist who found the body has her own theories about Fortunato's demise--but do they line up with the evidence?

On a perilous journey that stretches from the Big Island to Washington State and back, Kawika finds danger at every turn. But he still has much to learn about Hawaii, and about the rugged terrain of the North Cascades. And he'd better learn it fast, because his instincts may not be enough to catch a killer who's closing in even faster.
Eric Redman is a Seattle-based writer, lawyer, and climate activist who for decades has loved the Big Island of Hawaii, its history, and its people. He is a former contributing editor of Rolling Stone and has written for the New York Times, Washington Post, and many other publications. He wrote the nonfiction best-seller, The Dance of Legislation. This is his first work of detective fiction.
Product Details ISBN: 9781643857022
ISBN-10: 1643857029
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Publication Date: June 8th, 2021
Pages: 336
Language: English
Praise for Bones of Hilo:
“[Redman’s] local color goes far beyond touristy tidbits…[the] backstory [is] fascinating and timely.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Hawaiian history and culture and the state’s fight against development are this story’s critical elements.”
Library Journal

"A compelling book, filled with lots of Hawaiian details and intrigue."
—Mystery and Suspense Magazine

“Fascinating . . . A truly interesting story.”
Suspense Magazine

“The best mysteries draw you in with plot and suspense, and stay with you through their vivid characters and the new cultures, eras, and corners of the world they open to you. As you begin Bones of Hilo, the authorities are reeling from the implications of an extraordinary murder. When you reach the end, you’ve been immersed in their investigations—but have also learned about revenge versus forgiveness, loyalty versus betrayal, the parts of history that are known versus those that are repressed, and the ever-changing contours of race. This is a book that will stay with you.
—James Fallows, bestselling co-author of Our Towns

“Fast-paced and smart, Bones of Hilo is both alluring and dark—much like its Big Island setting. By diving far beneath the glossy shimmer meant for tourists, Eric Redman has surfaced with a fantastic tale of the greed and passion that have written Hawaii’s history, and which will drive its destiny.” 
—Jonathan Moore, Edgar and Hammett Award-nominated author of Blood Relations

In Bones of Hilo, Ric Redman does for Hawaii’s beauty and culture what Tony Hillerman did for the Southwest and the Navajo. Redman creates unique and interesting characters, all the while spinning out a delicious puzzle that, in the tradition of all great mystery writers, keeps the reader guessing right up to the end. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fine detective novel."
—Karl Marlantes, bestselling author of Matterhorn and Deep River

"Lush, smart and adult, this is crime fiction of a very high order.”
—Charles Ardai, award-winning author of Fifty-to-One

"Combine a deep dive into the history of Hawiian culture with a taut mystery, an anguished, ethnically-fraught love story and clever police procedural, and you have it all with Bones of Hilo."
—Chris Knopf, award-winning author of the Sam Acquillo Hamptons mysteries

"In Bones of Hilo, Eric Redman introduces a compelling new detective protagonist in Kawika Wong. The vibrant and carefully drawn Big Island Hawaiian backdrop, clever and intricate plot, and cast of memorable characters—including the complicated and plucky Wong—make it a must-read!"
—Sarah Stewart Taylor, author of The Mountains Wild

"Hard to put down — more plot twists than a whole library of Sherlock Holmes." 
—Tim Zagat, co-founder of Zagat Surveys